Stubton Hall Wedding Photography, Newark – Helen & Gary

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A Winter Stubton Hall Wedding.

Always a delight to shoot a Stubton Hall Wedding, but this one made all the better for being such an emotive day. Such a giggle in the morning during Helen’s preparations and great to work with fellow industry friend Rochelle O’Brien at a Stubton Hall wedding again. We both agree that the bridal suite at the hall is one of our favourite preparation rooms – such great light!

Lovely to also meet the delightful Sarah from Mrs Umbels for the first time – her floristry is simply stunning.

And finally, thanks so much to Helen & Gary for choosing me to document your Stubton Hall wedding and thank you for supplying some words to accompany the selection of my favourite frames from the day!

So, how did you meet? – tell us a little more about yourselves.

“We met the new-fashioned way – online! In May 2011, Gary found my profile and decided to write a message pointing out the contradictions in it, not expecting any response…

I was intrigued and flattered that someone had really paid attention to what I wrote, so replied. After 3 days of messages, I decided I wanted to meet this Gary character so we met for a drink and the rest is history…”

The proposal – who proposed, where, when & how?

“Gary knew I wouldn’t want an elaborate or public proposal. He made his decision and, on 15th September 2012, I thought it was strange that he was up and rattling around in the kitchen at 7am on a Saturday!

The next thing I knew, he was on the bed, on one knee proffering a ring diligently crafted from…tin foil! Ever the romantic, Gary asked if I wanted to be Mrs Grimsey and the wheels were set in motion!”

How was the wedding planning process for you?


We took our time and that made everything easier. We got married nearly a year later than we originally planned because we didn’t want to rush it. The planning was shared fairly and we both love a spreadsheet!

We found using a wedding website was helpful for guests to have detailed information without needing an eight-page pull out in their invitations!”

Where did you get married and what was it about the venue(s) that appealed so much?

We chose a Stubton Hall wedding as we wanted a venue that had beauty without being ostentatious. We knew we wanted the venue to be exclusively for us on the day and we really liked the idea that the house wasn’t run like a hotel, it felt more like your own home while you were there.”

How would you describe the style of your wedding and what made you decide to go down that route?


We chose a Festive theme. We got married a week before Christmas Day so everything was so easy. Stubton Hall decorate with the most beautiful Christmas Trees and gorgeous lights so half the work was done. We added a bit of foliage and sparkle, candles and crackers.

The Table Plan was based on Santa’s Reindeer so we joked about seating people based on whether they were naughty or nice!”

Cuisine. What kind of food and drink was served and why?

“We both love good food and knew we wanted people to be well fed, especially on a cold December day! We chose lots of Stubton’s exquisite canapes instead of having a starter.

The Wedding Breakfast was a traditional roast turkey Christmas dinner followed by sticky toffee pudding, so no-one went hungry.

For the evening, we chose an Indian buffet, which was delicious, although a lot of people were still full from lunch!

The food from both Stubton Hall and their Indian supplier for the evening was amazing and we had lots of guests say it was the best food they’d had at any wedding.”

What were the most memorable part(s) of the day and what was the funniest moment?

“There are lots of memorable moments, from an awkward speech from one of the best men, to having Helen’s favourite superstar DJ turning up after the band – what a Wedding gift!

On the eve of the wedding, I was at home with my bridesmaids, with Gary at his best man’s house. I found a letter left on my desk written to me from Gary and promptly read it aloud to my ladies. It referenced a gift and was next to some bath bombs (which I love). It was a sweet gesture to help me relax before the big day. However, upon arrival at Stubton Hall the next morning, I was presented with a bottle of Krug Champagne and the same letter, lovingly sealed with wax. Gary was mortified that he’d left his rehearsal letter on my desk!

The funniest moment was when the Registrar got Gary’s first and middle names the wrong way around!”

Did anything go wrong on the day and were there any surprises?

“Sadly, after many hours of dance lessons, the Wedding dress was too long and bulky for us to have our rehearsed first dance. But we partied the night away regardless!

On the morning of the Wedding, Helen woke up with almost no voice at all! Not good for saying vows or giving a speech! One of the Bridesmaids had heard that gargling with neat vodka would help! It did not, and wasn’t very nice at 10.30am!”

Is there anything you would have done differently?

“The only thing would be to try the dance in the Wedding dress, with the tutor as the groom to make sure it’s possible!”

Do you have any advice for other couples in the stages of planning their own wedding?

“Yes! Relax. Don’t get pressured by magazines, TV shows, retailers or family! It’s your wedding, have what you want.”

‘Our Photographer’

“Neither of us thought we’d find someone we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with, so we knew our wedding was going to be an emotional one. Because of this, we didn’t want a standard wedding photographer creating stiff, posed or staged ‘cool’ shots. We needed someone who would take the essence of that emotion and capture it on our faces.

We saw Ian’s portfolio and just knew. We weren’t disappointed. Just seeing those pictures takes us back to every tearful, happy moment.

What we didn’t expect were his ninja skills. I cannot stress this enough – we did not see him!

Ian didn’t stand in the aisle taking pictures, blocking guests’ views. He didn’t wander through the reception guests during the speeches. Yet there are photos where we have no idea how it was possible for him to take them.

Memories fade but good photographs tell the story forever.

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