Rochelle O’Brien, the East Midlands’ best wedding makeup artist for 2012, 2013 and 2015 is this week’s featured industry friend.

Based between Nottingham & Leicester, Rochelle O’Brien is widely recognised as one of the East Midlands wedding industry’s top makeup artists. Using her large collection of products from the top cosmetic houses and professional brands, she considers the formulas and shades that will work best for you, and won’t relax until you’re happy with the final look.

You can find out more about her over on her website at

Here are Rochelle’s answers to my ten questions.

Rochelle O'Brien

Can you tell us a little about your history?

“I never set out to become a makeup artist. In fact, my background has always been working for law firms but when I was pregnant with my daughter I knew that I wanted to choose a different path.

A friend of mine made a throwaway comment which got me thinking and two months later I had a website, a kit, and my first client.

That was nearly thirteen years ago now and I’m incredibly lucky to have a job which I love and never tire of.”

Do you have a signature style?

“I like to think that my style is diverse and I try and make sure that I have a variety of looks on my website.

I have to admit that I do love the girls who go for a more glamorous look. You can’t beat a good smokey eye and nude lip!

I also have brides who want little more than mascara and a clear lipgloss, it’s all about balance.”

Rochelle O'Brien

Rochelle O'Brien

Which celebrity would you like to make up?

“Well if Jessie J called, I would drop everything. She does her own makeup perfectly but I love the structure of her face and she’s not afraid to try something different.

And I would love to see the Duchess of Cambridge in something different, her makeup is always the same.”

Do you have a favourite brand?

“I use all sorts and my favourites change all the time but at the moment I’m loving Becca, their luminous backlight primer is amazing (my good friend Lauren who is a MUA introduced me to that).

Also, Tom Ford has a special place in my kit, but so expensive (why Tom, why?!!).”

Rochelle O'Brien

Rochelle O'Brien

Do you have a backup plan for the loss of kit or breakages?

“My kit is insured and I have plenty of everything so that if I lose something, I always have something else that can do the job.”

What’s your policy in case of illness on the day?

“I’ve only ever had to use my backup plan once in all the time I’ve been a makeup artist.

A couple of Decembers ago on one of the first really icy days, I had a very near miss with a lorry and ended up in a ditch with my car on its side. Before calling the police, I called my backup makeup artist to make sure that she could step in for me and get to my bride in time. All turned out well.

As for illness, if I’m breathing and walking – I’ll be there!”

Rochelle O'Brien

Can prospective clients get to have a trial before their wedding and if so, what is learned at the trial?

“A trial is absolutely essential, in fact, I won’t take on bookings without one. It’s your time to come and chat about what you like, how you envision your makeup for the wedding day and also to meet me.

I have a calming studio well equipped with daylight simulating lighting so that you can see your makeup in the best light. We have a full run through of your makeup and I can always arrange for a hairstylist to be at the trial too if you want to see how your hair and makeup work together.”

Rochelle O'Brien

Rochelle O'Brien

What are your favourite wedding venues in terms of layout/amenities?

“I’m spoilt for choice with so many beautiful venues nearby but here are my top three:

  • Belvoir Castle – Love, love, love and only ten minutes from my house.
  • Swancar Farm – because the staff fall over themselves to make sure their brides are happy, they have a stunning room to get ready in and I just love it.
  • Stubton Hall – gorgeous venue, amazing room with gorgeous natural light to get ready in.”

Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories to share?

“I can tell you lots and lots of stories about stains on dresses but the one that always stays with me is a wedding I did in Hertfordshire when I first started out. The bride had a beautiful Disney style dress and the wedding planner was doing up the buttons on the back of the dress. Unaware that she had cut her thumb, she was leaving a little drop of blood with each button.

Also, at a traveller wedding I did, the bride asked me if her teeth looked white because she had been using Domestos on a cotton bud that morning to whiten them. I don’t recommend that obviously!”

Rochelle O'Brien

Rochelle O'Brien

Any tips for brides looking for a make-up artist for their wedding?

“My number one tip would be to come to the trial with your usual makeup on and if you can wear a top that’s a similar colour to your wedding dress, that helps too. It might seem strange to come wearing makeup if I’m only going to take it off but it helps me to see what’s normal for you. Your idea of natural might be clear lipgloss and a light blush, my idea of natural is only one set of lashes, so it helps me to get a good idea of what you’re comfortable with.

Also, come to the trial with an open mind. It’s not going to work if you’re just looking for someone to recreate your own makeup that you do every day. A good makeup artist will suggest things to bring out your best features while still not taking you out of your comfort zone too much so it’s always good to be open to suggestions.”

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