Rachel Liney – Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

Rachel Liney Hair and Makeup

The lovely Rachel Liney Hair & Makeup is next up in another of my Wedding Industry Friends features.

Rachel is based out of Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire and I’ve worked with her on several occasions before – always a delight!

Can you tell us a little about your history?

“I have loved creating from a very early age. My mother was a hairdresser, I would go along with her while she worked watching and taking everything in. I remember going to the school discos with my little makeup palette and have a queue of kids wanting me to paint their faces. Payment would be made in sweets.

I trained as a photographer after being told at school I would be more likely to get work doing that than Makeup. This has given me a good basis to know how the makeup will work on camera.

I don’t think creativity is taught, I believe that it’s a gift you are born with, and along with passion, you will succeed. I never stop learning. Every day I work with someone new – a different face, a different personality, a different view on makeup.

This is what I love… meeting people and making people feel comfortable and happy.”

Do you want to see photos of hair and makeup looks that your clients like? What about photos of their wedding dress, decor, venue or other inspiration?

“Before I start working with my brides it’s important to get their vibe by looking at pictures of the things they want when it comes to hair and makeup. I like to see pictures of their dress to get a feeling of the overall look they are wanting. This way we will get exactly what’s in their mind.”

Rachel Liney Hair and Makeup

Can prospective clients get to have a trial before their wedding and if so, what is learned at the trial?

“All of my clients have a trial before the wedding. It’s important, as it makes the bride feel confident, and it helps me know what’s needed on the big day without any panics. I don’t do panic.”

Should your brides bring their veil/accessories to the trial? What if they don’t have them yet?

“It’s a good idea to bring along the veil and any bits and bobs for the hair. This way we can incorporate these into the different hairstyles until we find the perfect combination. Sometimes the hair piece and veil are chosen after the trial has taken place.”

Rachel Liney Hair and Makeup

Rachel Liney Hair and Makeup

Rachel Liney Hair and Makeup

Rachel Liney Hair and Makeup

What kind of prep do your brides & bridesmaids need to do before the trial and before the wedding?

“I advise my brides to follow a healthy skin care routine leading up to the trial and wedding. Not to go for any significant changes in hair colour as this will affect the makeup palette already chosen at the trial.”

Do you have a backup plan for loss of kit or breakages?

“I have backup plans in both my hair and makeup kits. I always keep spare rollers in the car, spare hair straighteners and curling wands! With the makeup… I have so many different brands that I can substitute if I lose something.”

What’s your policy in case of illness on the day?

“If for some reason I am unable to attend a wedding (close to death!), I have a large network of artists that I can call upon plus assistants that work alongside me who can take over the booking.”

Rachel Liney Hair and Makeup

Rachel Liney Hair and Makeup

Do you work on location? And if so, what are your favourite wedding venues in terms of layout/amenities?

“I work mostly on location for weddings. I have lots of favourites, so it’s difficult to say, but here’s a few.

Mythe Barn is fantastic for the space we get to work in. It has a purpose built hair and makeup room with two mirrors and plenty of plug sockets ha ha! That makes me happy.

I love Prestwold Hall for the beautiful lighting in the main bedroom.

Stubton Hall for the beautiful Green Room we get the brides ready in, along with the abundance of natural light for makeup application.

And I love working in the houses of the brides because of the bacon sarnies!”

Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories to share?

“I have lots of stories, some of which cannot be shared! Others range from me having to shave a bride’s legs because she’d forgotten and only realised once she was in her dress, to me getting stuck under the many layers of a wedding dress.”

Any tips for brides looking for a hair stylist for their wedding?

“Tips for finding a hairdresser would be to ask lots of questions, look at a portfolio of work, see how much experience they have, and have a trial.”

Rachel Liney Hair and Makeup

Rachel Liney Hair and Makeup

Do you have a signature style?

“It’s difficult to say if I have a signature style… I would say I do, which is a glowing skin, and defined eyes. Sometimes brides want a very specific look which takes away from my signature look.”

Which celebrity would you like to make up?

“I would love to do the makeup for Milla Jovovich. She has such a beautiful interesting face.”

Do you have a favourite brand?

“I go through phases of brand loves…. Bobbi Brown foundations along with Nars and Charlotte Tilbury are the ones I always go back to. I’m trying new brands and new products all the time. If I like them, they go into my kit, if I don’t, my daughters steal them.”

Contact details for Rachel Liney

Name: Rachel Liney
Phone: 07984 455784 or 01664 568991
Web: http://www.rachelliney.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rachellineyhairandmakeup/

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