Natural Wedding Photographer: Ian Bursill

"Tender look" taken by Natural Wedding Photographer, Ian Bursill


Looking for a natural wedding photo journalist?

Finding it tough looking for a natural wedding photographer to capture your day?

It’s a minefield, isn’t it?

The wedding photography market is more crowded than ever before.

You’ve spent hours trawling through endless websites to find a natural wedding photographer whose style, approach & ethos stands out and matches your requirements.

It’s difficult. So many images look the same. So many websites read the same, but you’re looking for something unique.

You want a photographer that captures the real essence of your wedding – the atmosphere, the wide range of emotions and moments, the narrative.

If this is how your current search for a photographer sounds, then perhaps you might just have found the right match?

Below are the most common statements from couples that book with me.

Do these sound familiar?

“We don’t like having our pictures taken.”

I’m with you there, I’m not keen on having mine taken either, which is why I much prefer being behind the camera.

Don’t stress though!

On the day I’ll blend in with you and the rest of your guests, so you’ll hardly know I’m there most of the time.

This means that the images I’ll capture will show your real personalities and not uncomfortable, posed expressions.

My style of wedding photography is often called ‘documentary’ or ‘reportage’ or ‘candid’ or ‘photojournalism’ if you like to pigeonhole styles.

Call it what you will. In a nutshell, my style is purely observational.

I’ll be a part of your day – as an invited guest but with cameras – and will anticipate, observe & record your day in a way that will tell the true story and evoke memories of the day for the rest of your lives.

I love it when guests ask me if I’m a friend of the married couple, I then know that my ethos and approach is spot on!


"Tears" taken by Natural Wedding Photo Journalist, Ian Bursill

“We want natural images, not posed ones.”

Great!  98% of my coverage is unposed.

I don’t direct or contrive anything other than a handful of group shots or very lightly directed couple portraits.

My style is quirky and observational yet sensitive and flattering at the same time.

I’ll work from close in, quietly and patiently with a carefully considered approach.

I like to find good angles and scenes within scenes, making the mundane look interesting.

Through my images, you can feel the rapport I have built up with my couples.

I shoot their weddings as if I was a friend and deliver beautiful, honest images.

By observing and anticipating situations and documenting what unfolds before me, I capture natural, emotive and timeless moments.


Natural Wedding Photography "That look" captured by Ian Bursill

“We don’t want orders from a bossy photographer.”

It’s not my style to boss people around.

Instead, I will work quietly in the background, documenting real moments – ones you may not have witnessed on the day.

And you certainly don’t want to be posing for photos while you could be celebrating and enjoying precious time with friends and family.

Although my style leans heavily towards recording human interaction on the day, I’ll take a small amount of detail & location shots to help set the scene and add to the story.

I’m also happy to photograph 20 minutes worth of 5-8 smaller family group pictures.

I would then love to take you both off for 10-15 minutes at the most for some intimate portraits of you both together.

At the end of the coverage, you’ll have hardly known I was there.


Natural wedding photographers rural location shoot

“We want to trust and feel comfortable with our photographer.”

You want your whole wedding experience to be stress-free.

You want a natural wedding photographer who is professional, calm-under-pressure, honest, steady, dependable, has no ego and that you’ll like and trust.

I’ll achieve what you want by not taking over your day, ordering you or your guests around or contriving the day’s events which in turn halts the natural flow of the wedding.

I will be an active part of your day, building a rapport with friends and family which helps to bring down barriers and make people feel more comfortable.

The result? Relaxed and natural images.


Emotive Wedding Photography

“We value photography, and it’s vitally important to us.”

You appreciate good photography. It’s high on your list of priorities, and you won’t compromise.

Rather than spend a large percentage of your budget on flowers that will last a few days or a cake that you’ll eat within hours, you’d rather allocate a fair amount to ensure that the real story of your wedding is preserved forever.

A body of work that you, your children and grandchildren will look back on and cherish in future years.

You’ve found it hard wading through images on countless websites of Photographers trying to be clever by pushing the boundaries of composition.

They’ll set up moments; they’ll make their pictures ‘time-limited’ using the latest trendy processing styles and they’ll take shot-after-shot of endless details.

You want pictures showing how you stumbled and giggled during your vows. Pictures that show how much in love with each other you are and how your friends and family laughed uncontrollably during the best man’s speech.

You want to see real photographs of real moments with real people.

You don’t want images of people with cut-off heads, contrived moments and endless details. Those aren’t the kind of shots that’ll evoke the memories of your day in the future.

In 25 years time, you’ll look back at your wedding photographs with your children and grandchildren. You’ll relive those beautiful moments as memories come flooding back. The nerves, the expectation, the suspense, the mishaps, the tears, joy and laughter.

And the loved ones who hold a special place in your heart but unfortunately aren’t around anymore.


Natural Wedding Photography

Hopefully, you’ll feel that you’ve stumbled across just the right guy?

To you, most photographers think that the most important thing to photograph is the decor, details and style.

But I think differently. I think a lot deeper than that…

I think the most important thing to photograph is people and emotions.