2016 Image of the Year Competition

There are prizes up for grabs in my 2016 Image of the Year competition.

The selection process was difficult, so many great shots were left on the cutting room floor.

But after sifting through 28 weddings and 9,565 images, I’ve decided that the ones below are my favourite images from each wedding.

All of these images are unposed and with real emotions or great moments.


The rules are pretty simple…

  • Anyone can enter
  • Scroll through the pictures below
  • Select your favourite
  • Cast your vote at the bottom of this post
  • Enter a comment and leave your email address in the ‘leave a reply box’ to be included in the draw

Please note: Loads of people voted last year, but only a small percentage entered the prize draw.

If you want to enter into the draw for the chance to win a £25 John Lewis Gift Voucher, you’ll need to leave a comment AND/OR your email address in the “leave a reply” box under the poll so that I can contact you if you win!

Closing Date

The closing date for the competition is at 12 noon on Friday 17th March 2017, and the winner will be drawn at random from all entries received.


The couple whose wedding the winning image is from will win a £50 SmugMug gift voucher redeemable against any of the wall products I offer and can select any image from their wedding for reproduction.

The winner of the prize draw will win a £25 John Lewis gift voucher.

Have fun choosing your favourite and please feel free to share this competition with friends and family on social media!


Number 11

is it time to go home yet !

Number 26 – a beautiful picture of a beautiful bride!

I love Number 28- I remember the emotions you feel at that moment very well.

Beautiful, the expressions say it all.

No.5 – full of love and emotion

I love this picture, No. 4
I remember it so clearly, and was definitely pinching in some tears, as I am now haha :)
Great work Ian xxx

Fantastic, beautiful day and amazing pictures x

I’m voting for number 4
Beautiful picture of beautiful couple

I’m voting for number 4
Captures the great moment of bride walking down the isle whilst groom awaits

Number 6. Fantastic wife and daughter. You captured the day fabulously with your emotive and evocative pictures. Thankyou

Gotta be 4!!
Beautiful couple xx

Number 20!! I love the way you’ve captured an intimate moment between a beautiful proud mother and a handsome groom, full of the emotions of love and happiness all in one photo. The reflection in the mirror brings even more to the picture! Brilliant photography!

It’s got to be 2 since I’m in it :)

It has to be number 4 perfectly captures that moment where the bride and groom first see each other x

No.26 🙂

I wonder what exactly was going through her mind at that moment?!

Looks of groom says it all, picture of happiness.

Had to be number 4 beautiful picture.

No2 for me, she looks nervous… 😱

Number 8! (My Dad and Sister!) Perfect photo capturing the father of the bride’s reaction when he sees the beautiful bride for the first time! An unforgettable and a vey emotional moment! X

Lovely photo

Beautiful pic..#4

Sorry, it’s been a long week. I meant 4 not 8 where the bride sees the groom for the first time. x

Number 8 – Ill never forget Dad’s face when he saw me in my dress for the first time :-)

4 Love the tilt of the head and the beautiful brides body language but the look on the fathers face ❤️❤️❤️

Stunning shots Ian, but I think my favourite has to be 5.

No. 5…. the Father/daughter bond 💛 Beautiful pic- true emotion

No 8
Love the back of the bride and the faceof the father shot 💛 beautiful image capturing a wonderful moment

No5 a beautiful very special moment between father and daughter a true ever lasting love ❤

No 4 the til of the head when she sees her husband to-be and the smile is stunning :)

No 5. Dad’s face says it all.

Absolutely love that picture, just seeing brings back floods of emotion from that part of the day! I can’t thank you enough for capturing this photo! Dad still to this day says he was crying cause he caught his finger in the door as he came in!! Haha!!

Love this picture.. was the best day can’t believe it was nearly a year ago! ❤️👰🏻🤵🏻

Number 4.. truly stunning picture of pure love

Difficult to choose but no 20 is stunning

Number 5 . True feelings and happiness emmotion. From father and daughter . Just what everyone hopes for on the happiest day of there lives .

no 20 beautiful mother and son moment x

Number 20 is a beautiful image of a mother and her son on his big day… amazing photography

Number 20. Mother and son. The most precious moments. #Priceless

Has to be number 5! Makes me want to cry looking at it! The look on his face says everything. Makes me want to go and hug my dad :) x

Number 8. I liked it at first because of the power of his reaction to something we can’t see, and then I realised we’d never quite have seen what he sees anyway and that made it even better.

Love number 16,
A brilliant facial expression!

Lovely photo no16. Natural beauty


There were so many beautiful pics of my gorgeous sisters wedding – glad I didn’t have to narrow it down to one pic.

No. 20 stunning

Priceless picture of mother and son on a very special day!

Fabulous picture of mother & son

No. 5 wins it for me. I love images that move me and that really did. Such a stunning and precious moment captured in a beautiful photo x

No.20 – beautiful wedding, beautiful photo !

No 20 – no stronger bond than that of a mother and her son – stunning photo

Beautiful photos – though a mother son bond is pretty magic.

No. 4 so natural and beautiful.

Has to be No 4 … beautiful couple, beautiful picture

I love number 11