After reviewing my processes, I’ve decided to change the way I do my blog posts. These images from Tim & Sara’s Hospitium York Wedding are the first up in the new format.

From this Hospitium York post onwards, I will be selecting just 10 images from each wedding and will not be doing a huge write up for each post. The idea is to get each wedding on the blog as soon as possible, helping to speed up an already busy workflow which typically includes between 15-25 hours worth of editing, processing, photo gallery creation, album design, blogging & slideshow creation. Including the time I spend before, during and after each wedding, the average amount of time spent on each one in total is around 40 hours. You can imagine the backlog I get during the busy summer months when I can often shoot four weddings in the space of 8 days!

So to get the new format off to a start, here’s my ten favourite images from Tim & Sara’s York Hospitium wedding back in November 2012.

Florist: York Florist Wendy Barker (Wedding Blossoms)
Reception Entertainment: Leeds Singer Songwriter Dylan Brierley
Evening Entertainment: Leeds Wedding Band Chicago Joe and the Soul Divas

Hospitium York Bridal Make-Up

Hospitium York Bridal Preparations

Hospitium York Wedding Recessional

Hospitium York Wedding Ceremony

Hospitium York Wedding

Hospitium York Wedding Photos

Hospitium York Wedding Reception

Hospitium York Winter Wedding

Hospitium York First Dance

Hospitium York Wedding Party


I think the idea to post only 10 images is a great one. Nothing better than a short but sweet selection. Of these, my favourite is the bridesmaids attending to the back of the dress – always a great moment. The grouping is lovely, and the expressions we see make the shot.

Absolutely Martin, to be able to draft a blog post in 10-15 mins now rather than an hour and a half is going to make a massive difference to my workflow. Thanks for the comments!

Alessandro Iasevoli

I like the new format, great images. To edit and select the best 10 out of a wedding (or the 10 who work together for a blog posts) is a rare virtue!