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Here are the questions I get asked most, if you don't find an answer here, contact me and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

How far will you travel?

My base is in Loughborough, Leicestershire but I work anywhere in the UK as I love working at new venues. Travel expenses are included for most UK weddings but occasionally I may have to quote extra depending on the distances involved and the logistics of the wedding.

Do you work alone?

Yes. Working alongside another photographer would mean that my coverage on the day could become too obtrusive. I wouldn’t like to compromise my distinctive style of photography by working in this way. The main advantage of my approach is that you and your wedding guests can relax without feeling like you’re constantly being watched. Also, no two photographers shoot in the same way and second shooters are often inexperienced photographers or students.

We don't want the preparations recording, can you tailor the package?

I’m a storyteller in images, so starting a wedding at the ceremony would be like writing a novel and starting at chapter five. Finishing my coverage at the moment you sit down for the meal would be like walking out of a football match after 60 minutes. I don’t work to fixed hours, instead I start with preparation coverage at whatever time you need me and normally finish 30-60 minutes after the first dance.

Can we provide you with a list of shots we must have?

Pure documentary wedding photography is all about clever observation, anticipation, spontaneity and reacting quickly to real moments – not contriving them, so providing a shot list to me would be contrary to my method of work. If there are certain people you want me to concentrate on, do point them out to me on the day. It goes without saying though that the bridal party and close family are easily recognisable on the day and I’ll pay close attention to making sure they feature.

Do you take formal group shots?

Yes of course. I normally recommend that we keep the list of group shots down to 5 or 6 small groups to keep disruption down to a minimum during the quite often short drinks receptions and these can be turned around in 15-20 minutes (allow 3 minutes per group). Large group shots of all the guests can be a mammoth task to organise. I’m happy to shoot them but allow 10-15 minutes at least for this one shot.

Will you take portraits of us both together at some point during the day?

Yes of course. I normally take my couples away for 10-15 minutes for some very lightly directed portraits. It’s your time to be alone for just a while as I will mostly work from a distance with a longer lens.

Do you work with videographers?

Yes, but … a warning. I hate sounding negative, but I do have a few horror stories about inconsiderate videographers who have severely compromised the quality and breadth of my coverage. They can often severely reduce my choice of angles when shooting, especially when in teams of two or more. On a more positive note though, I can recommend a handful of videographers (including teams of two and even three) who are not in any way obtrusive on the day, have great spatial awareness and are thoroughly nice folks to work with!

Do you mind guests taking photographs on our day?

Absolutely not. They have just as much right to be at your wedding with a camera as I do. The only thing I ask is that I’m the only professional photographer on the day and that inconsiderate guests don’t shoot constantly over my shoulder or get in front of me at key moments as this can be very off-putting and distracting for you and other guests but also means that I could potentially miss recording a key part of your day. However, if you want to have a camera free wedding (apart from mine) so that all of your guests can immerse themselves in your day that would be great.

How many photographs will you deliver?

I believe in quality over quantity and hopefully you’ll share the same outlook. Many couples researching photographers are unaware that it’s impossible to deliver 500 or more *significant* images and that any photographer who says they can is employing a sales technique. That would be a hundreds of shots per hour, every hour – continuously shooting and becoming a little annoying. I prefer to think I’m more of a ‘Sniper’ than a ‘Machine Gunner’. I have a very considered approach to taking pictures and believe that the complete story of your wedding can be told in approximately 250 to 350 pictures and this is the amount I normally deliver.

Are high resolution files available and do we get copyright?

High resolution rights-released images for your own use are included in all of my packages. You get full personal usage rights which allow you to reproduce your images for personal use. Copyright law states that full copyright remains with the photographer.

What percentage of our images will be in black and white?

I will use a combination of colour and black and white images to document your day. The balance varies from wedding to wedding, but on average approximately 25-40% of the final images will be in black and white. By removing colour, the viewer can concentrate on light, form, shape and composition, without having to contend with colours & tones that clash and distract the eye from what should be the centre of focus in an image.

When will our images be ready?

Depending on the time of year, the final edited images will be ready to view within 2-5 weeks. Each wedding is worth approximately 40 hours worth of work from consultation to completion, and bottlenecks do occur during the busy Summer & Autumn periods when I often have several back-to-back weddings.

Can we post our images on Facebook?

Absolutely. Low resolution “watermarked” web versions are also supplied alongside the high resolution versions so that you can post them on social media sites or email them to friends and family.

Where are our images stored?

I have a thorough back-up system in place to take great care of your photographs and back them up on multiple drives to protect against any possible hardware failure. Files are also uploaded to two separate locations in the cloud and I store archive on drives on-site and off-site to protect against the risk of fire or theft.

What happens if you are ill?

I’m a healthy guy and I’ve only missed one wedding in 9 years through illness. In the unusual event of me being unwell, I am part of a network of professional wedding photographers who can be called upon for cover. Furthermore I am a founder member of a private forum of professional wedding photographers and I am a part of their emergency cover list.

Do we have to provide you with a meal on the day?

No, please don’t feel that you have to as I’m happy to bring my own food and drink. This makes it easier you as it’s one less thing for you to organise. I will take a short break to eat while you do and will come back for the final part of the day fully refreshed. If you insist however, and the caterer can provide for me, I’m happy to eat a vegan meal separately to the wedding party.

Do you have insurance?

Absolutely, yes. I have full professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Engagement shoots … do you do them?

Some photographers include a pre-wedding shoot in their packages, claiming that it’s a good way to get used to being in front of the camera before your wedding. Obviously these kind of shoots are staged and will give you no real indication of what it’s really like having me around on your day, but if you’d like a shoot, I’d be happy to oblige. The price is £195 for a one to two hour shoot and will include travel and files on a USB stick.  A print mounted onto coreboard and framed for guests to sign at your reception is alaso available for £195.

What is your booking procedure?

Once you’ve contacted me and I have confirmed that I am available for your date, I will arrange a consultation at my home office in Leicestershire so that I can find out more about you and your wedding. The meetings are very informal, over a cup of coffee, and it’s a chance for you to see more of my work and some sample albums. I’m also happy to book dates without meeting you in person, but like to have a telephone or Skype video chat beforehand. If we’re a good match for each other and you want to save the date, I’ll require a completed and digitally signed booking form from you along with a non-refundable retainer fee of £500 to secure the date. Payment of the retainer fee is preferred by bank transfer, cash or cheque. Unfortunately, I can’t hold dates as I operate on a first-come, first-served basis only.

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