Budding Floral Designs

Budding Floral Designs are the first florist to feature on my wedding industry friends blogroll.

I first worked with Claire from Leicester based Budding Floral Designs in December 2014 at Lee & Sara’s wedding at Prestwold Hall. A thoroughly lovely and warm lady, she comes highly recommended. Read her answers to my ten questions below…

Can you tell us a little about your history? Why, when, where etc.

“My Mother and Father own a garden centre with a floristry business attached and I have flowers in my blood. I remember coming home from school at a young age and helping my father make bows for bouquets. No matter what I have done with my working life, I have returned time and time again back to Floristry. In 2011 , I went to work and travel abroad in Canada for two years and on my return to the UK, I decided to stop fighting a natural talent and work hard to develop my skills even further.

Budding Floral Designs was born in the summer of 2014 and has gone from strength to strength. We started off creating beautiful wedding and event flowers and in April 2016, we moved out of a draughty workshop and expanded into a bright and airy little shop in the centre of Anstey, Leicester. We continue to grow and although Weddings are extremely close to our hearts, we now offer beautiful designs in all aspects of floristry.”

If the Bride’s choice of flowers are not in season, can you provide them?

“Yes…..and no. Many flowers these days are no longer season specific due to technology allowing growers to ‘force grow’ plants and flowers to whatever conditions they flourish best in. Popular wedding flowers such as Roses, Carnations, Freesias and Orchids are available all year round. Flowers that are a little more season-specific, such as Hydrangeas, for example, can also be available all year round but in varying degrees of size and quality.

If a Bride is after a particular flower, such as Peonies in a time that is typically offseason, such as October, it is not entirely impossible to source them, but sometimes the price can be very high for a product that isn’t as stunning as it would be in it’s typical season which in this case, is May-July. It’s very important to trust your florist to be able to advise you on what would be best for your flowery requirements for your big day.”

Budding Floral Designs

Budding Floral Designs

Do you set up the flowers at the ceremony and reception sites?

“Yes of course! In actual fact, sometimes I prefer it! Being one of those annoying pernickety perfectionists, I often like to do all of the set up myself so as I get it just right!”

Do you provide a mock-up or sketch of your arrangements before the wedding?

“I’m a MUCH better artist with flowers than I am with pencils and pens! My sketches are terrible verging on ridiculous and I struggle to draw a stick-man at the best of times! However, I am only too happy to provide mock-up bouquets or table centres for my Brides and Grooms should they have trouble visualising how things are going to look.”

Budding Floral Designs

Budding Floral Designs

Do you provide any other decor besides flowers?

“I often provide confetti but I tend to stick to what I know best and provide just flowers. I can provide the usual bouquets and buttonholes but also stunning statement pieces for Churches and venues right down to something pretty for the top of your cake and everything in between. Sometimes, you can find that with the right flowers and arrangements, you don’t need much else to make a statement.”

Do you help pin the buttonholes on the groom and groomsmen?

“Yes of course, if I’m asked to do so. Sometime’s people prefer to do it themselves or sometimes, delivery timings simply don’t match up well enough for me to be in the same place as the Groom and his Groomsmen at the same time but it is all offered as part of the service and I’m only too happy to help pin them on just right – that’s the perfectionist in me again!”

Do you handle flower preservation? If not, are there people you can recommend to do this?

“Flower Preservation is something that I’ve never been involved in but I do know that there are companies out there that preserve flowers in various ways. A good search on the internet should throw up lots of companies that will be able to help. I do know, that it’s really important to make your enquiries early as you will need to book in advance to send off your flowers. I often have bride’s asking me to recommend someone after the big day, and by then it’s often too late.”

Budding Floral Designs

Budding Floral Designs

What’s your unique selling point and sets you apart from others?

“I obviously like to offer beautifully designed bespoke pieces made with the best quality flowers available. But, I also love getting to know people and work closely with all of my couples to really get to know them and understand what is going to be the best possible service that I can provide for them on one of the most important days of their lives. To me, my couples aren’t just a job, I think it’s so important to get to know people and get along with them so as we are all comfortable with each other and really look forward to working together on the day. As a matter of fact, as cringe-worthy as it sounds, a lot of my couples have turned from wedding customers into regular flowery customers and even friends.”

Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories to share?

“I have been known to appear in wedding photos, quite unknowingly of course, – yes, I’m that Converse-wearing, frizzy ginger-haired, lily pollen stained Florist, probably with pens sticking out of my top knot, unknowingly photobombing your special day! As for anything embarrassing, my lips are sealed, but if you ever find me in a bar, buy me a double G&T and I’ll spill!”

Budding Floral Designs

Budding Floral Designs

Do you have any tips relevant to your industry for couples?

  • “Oh so many – there are always tips to share!
  • First and foremost, always, always, book early. Even if you don’t know what it is that you would like, but know that you like your supplier, book in, it’s never too early. I only take on as much work as I can comfortably manage and once a date is gone, it is gone and it breaks my heart to turn people away.
  • Also, trust your florist. Not only is our name on our work but we really do want what is best for you and have a wealth of knowledge and experience at our fingertips so you can trust us to create something stunning especially for you.
  • Lastly, and it’s a very grey and delicate area, but if at all possible, try not to let your budget cloud what it is you would really like. I can, of course, work within a budget and advise you on what would work best but, in my humble opinion, your Wedding Day is just that, and one of the only days where you can have exactly what you always dreamt of.”

Budding Floral Designs Website: http://buddingfloraldesigns.co.uk