If Carlsberg did Civil Partnerships…

I am getting caught up honestly! Here’s another blog post featuring an August 2013 wedding, or ‘civil partnership’. Margaret & Victoria met with me when they booked back in June 2012 , we hit it off straight away and I loved the plans for their day so I couldn’t wait to be a part of it all and document it for them. The Carlsberg link in the header above will all become clearer as you scroll through the images to find the shot that won my “image of 2013 competition”. Over to Margaret & Victoria to tell you more about their day at Bosworth Hall Hotel.

Why Bosworth Hall Hotel?

“We didn’t really have any idea of where we would like to have our ceremony. Unlike many couples the main reason we chose our venue was because of location – it had to be accessible for both sides of our family but set in nice surroundings. We had guests coming from all over the country so needed to offer accommodation. The setting and appearance of Bosworth Hall Hotel appealed to us as there was plenty of space both inside and out, and would provide a great back-drop for the photos!”

“There were few differences with the order of the day compared to a civil ceremony, the official ceremony, then wedding breakfast and evening party (celebration!). We wanted to have the day that reflected us as both individuals and a couple. We tried not to get bogged down with ‘traditional’ concepts of a wedding if they didn’t matter to us – we wanted people to have fun and enjoy celebrating with us rather than stressing over things like flowers and favours.”

An organically evolving theme…

“Our theme(s) evolved organically, we saw something that we liked and went with it! The only consistent element of a theme throughout the day was our dressed-up dogs! Having spent hours searching for the perfect invitation, which was quirky but not making an unnecessary point that we were a same-sex couple (in your face rainbow hearts or two brides in full bridal gowns and veils – neither of which were present on the day!) Margaret took the decision to dress our dogs up in wedding attire. This summed us up, a bit different and gave everyone a laugh when they realised they were actually our dogs! We used their photos on the table plan, place cards, we had cake toppers made of them in their attire to sit on top of the main cake and then toppers for the cupcakes but this is where the theme stopped.”

“We were conscious to try and eliminate any pre-conceived ideas of a traditional wedding which would only make people wonder which one of us was the groom, but keep certain elements – no best man or matron of honour but our niece and nephew taking on the roles of ring bearer (although it was touch and go when he thought he could be asked to carry a cushion) and bridesmaid. We gave a joint speech, which although was our chance to thank everyone we still tried to add a comical element – mainly at both ours and Margaret’s dad’s expense. Margaret’s dad gave a speech which was full of sentiment and emotion – in his own way using Indiana Jones’ and The Last Crusade as his main inspiration! The style of our wedding was really none other than for our family and friends to have fun whilst celebrating with us.”

Our details and other vendors

“The wedding hair was done by Robbie from Ramhair, Cannock. He is still our no. 1 choice of hairdresser even though we live 200 miles away. Make-up was done by Victoria Parker (Robbie’s very talented girlfriend) who is a Manager for Mac Cosmetics.”

“Flowers were provided by the Floral Studio, Market Bosworth and they were very patient with our ambivalent approach to choosing flowers.”

“Victoria’s outfit was tailor made by Gresham Blake, Brighton and Margaret’s outfit and hair-piece was designed and made by Linda at Beretun Designs also in Brighton.”

Bosworth Hall Civil Partnership

“Music is important to Victoria and creating the right ambience for the ceremony with live musicians was a priority for her – she didn’t want a ‘jumping’ cd abruptly being stopped the moment we were in place. We listened to the numerous samples from a variety of classical string groups and eventually chose Arioso Strings, based in Leicester. From initial contact they could not help enough, even creating an arrangement of The Rose which we requested for our entrance piece. They were perfect on the day and received many well deserved compliments from our guests.”

“Having invitations that were amusing and so personal was important to us and from then on we approached everything else quite pragmatically, things that we felt we didn’t need or want we didn’t have. We didn’t have a budget as such and that made it easier for us to decide if we really wanted something. We created all the stationery ourselves and spent time creating goody bags for the children attending so they had a variety of things to keep them occupied throughout the day.”

Bosworth Hall Civil PartnershipBosworth Hall Hotel Civil Partnership

“Margaret’s cousin has her own cake making business – Karen’s Thirty Nine Cake Lane, so she made the infamous cake toppers and all the cupcakes. We moved to Brighton about 6 months after we started to plan the wedding, so wanted to include a little of our new life in the wedding so got our wedding cake from Choccywoccydoodah.”

Bosworth Hall Hotel Civil Partnership

“For our evening celebration we had a disco provided through Bosworth Hall Hotel and a live 2 piece-band – Jewels, they are West Midlands based and perform a wide range of music suitable for all tastes. Although a great lover of music, Victoria is not able to dance the way she thinks she does! Our good intentions to add a quirky, amusing element to our first dance culminated in the intro to James Morrison’s I won’t let you go – interrupted by the Churchill Dog’s ‘no, no, no, no’ resulting in Black Lace’s The Conga. It got everyone laughing and on the dance floor ready for the fun to continue.”

Bosworth Hall Hotel Civil PartnershipBosworth Hall Hotel Civil Partnership

Our Wedding Photographer

“There was only one thing Margaret was adamant about when we started arranging our day and that was the perfect photographer. She knew what she wanted but didn’t know exactly what that was. Having trawled the internet looking at what seemed like hundreds of photographer’s galleries which all exhibited very nice photos, but all the same staged poses where people’s smiles are slowly beginning to fade from the ache she happened across a photographer who claimed to be a photo-journalist, which intrigued her. The galleries were still not what she wanted but she now had the phrase and then she found Ian, and realised this is what a photojournalist is! It was like she had found her perfect outfit, and immediately fell in love with the style and everything about every image she saw. Victoria was just as impressed with Ian’s work and we could not wait to book him!

We liked Ian, because like many people we are not keen on photos being taken and posed pictures never show true emotion in our opinion. We wanted a photographer to capture our day exactly as it was with every little detail and narrative. We could not have wished for anything better – when our stunning album arrived they far surpassed our expectations. The quality and attention to detail was truly amazing and captured so many things that we weren’t even aware had happened which actually gave us a whole new perspective of the day. We could not recommend Ian enough based on his professionalism, talent, personality and final product, so much so that when we get ‘married’ we are hoping he will be our photographer again!”

[creativ_alertbox icon=”thumbs-up” colour=”light-gray” custom_colour=””]OUR TIPS: “Plan your day for you. Spend your money on the things you really want and don’t feel that you need to have everything a traditional wedding is perceived to require. Create your own traditions!”[/creativ_alertbox]

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So lovely to read…and great tips about arranging your wedding day. I simply do not know where to start with ours! But what I do know is I’m blessed to have such a talented uncle who I am happily going to arrange my wedding day around on his availability!!!
So very talented.