Beaumanor Hall, Leicestershire; Wedding Photography for Damion & Philippa

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An intimate and emotive September wedding at local Beaumanor Hall in Woodhouse, Leicestershire.

Getting a little nip on the finger from the mother Jack Russell (left hand of pic) during bridal prep at the guesthouse where Phillipa was getting ready had no detrimental effect on my ability to document their day – one tip though, never try to stroke a yapping Jack Russell, no matter how friendly they look!

Bridal prep was made all the more enjoyable due to the wonderful company of Phillipa, her sister and two daughters, and makeup artist Rochelle O’Brien and hairstylist Melanie Rhodes who I have worked with before on several occasions. It was great to team up with them again as they really are extremely talented at what they do and very nice ladies to boot.

Top marks to Damion for his choice of wedding attire, I absolutely loved his suit and the matching floral shirt & pink tie! My favourites from the day are below…


  • Thank you Mick. No, mostly on the 24-70mm. I did take the 50mm out for the dance shots, but the rest was on the lovely sharp nikkor superzoom!

  • Lovely work again Ian – mostly shot on that 50mm of yours I guess?



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