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      Looking For A Wedding Photographer Who Can Actually ‘Capture’ The Real Story Of Your Day Instead Of Contriving It?

      Forget All The Posed Portraits And Never Ending Detail Shots You’re Used To Seeing From A Typical Wedding Photographer.

      You’re Looking For A Wedding Photographer Who Specialises In Raw, Emotionally-Charged Photographs That Capture The Real Story Of Your Wedding From Start To Finish.

      So Powerful They Can Bring You Back With Just A Glance.

      Leicestershire Wedding Photographer

      Your Wedding Is A Once-In-A-Lifetime Event.

      A Truly Special Moment In Time.

      A Special Moment That You’ll Want To Return To Again And Again Over The Course Of Your Life.

      In Addition, You’ll Want Your Children And Grandchildren To Be Able To Relive It With You In The Years To Come.

      Therefore You Deserve An Award-Winning Wedding Photographer Who Can Actually Document That Moment For You — Tangible Memories Of Real People And Raw Emotions, Not Contrived Or Staged Moments.

      Yet It Seems Like That’s Precisely What Most Other Photographers Do.

      Most Other Photographers Will Take Charge, Direct The Day, And Take Endless Portraits That Are Highly-Staged and Contrived.

      They Fill Up Your Wedding Album With ‘Arty’ Shots Of The Decor And The Details. Because Those Pictures Mean More To Their Portfolio Than They Do to You.

      Needless To Say, That’s Not What You Hire A True Wedding Photojournalist For…

      That’s Why My Unique Approach Is To Capture The Raw Moments Of Your Wedding In A “Fly-On-The-Wall” Style That Makes Most People Think I’m Actually A Guest Of The Bride And Groom And Not The Wedding Photographer.

      It’s This Approach, Along With My Images And Customer Service That’s Won Me A Variety Of Regional And International Awards Over The Course Of My Professional Career.


      The WPJA’s ‘Top UK Wedding Photojournalist in 2009’

      ‘Best Wedding Photographer’ For The East Midlands Region At The 2012, 2014, And 2015 UK Wedding Industry Awards

      Best Wedding Photographer East Midlands

      Natural Moments. Raw Emotions. Real Personalities.

      I Want To Help You Document This Special Moment In Time And Preserve Your Story So That It Can Be Cherished And Treasured For Generations By Family And Friends Alike.

      As A Result, I Want You To Be Able To Share The Real Story Of Your Wedding — With The People, Moments, And Most Of All, The Feelings That Came Along With It.

      Not Something That’s Inaccurate, False, Contrived, Staged Or Merely Posed.

      Because With Me, You’ll Be Able To Revisit The Entire Experience.

      Furthermore, You’ll Feel Every One Of Those Precious Moments Come Flooding Back To You In A Heartbeat.

      Most Of All, The Butterflies, The Expectations, The Suspense, The Tears, Joy And Laughter, And Of Course, The Loved Ones Who Were Present Then, But Might Not Be Around Today.

      So, You’re Looking For A Special Way To Capture This Once-In-A-Lifetime Moment (And A Wedding Photographer Who Does More Than Simply Stage Group Photos And Grumble About Everyone Being In His Way).

      Have A Look At The 2017 Highlights Video Below To See My Work In More Detail.

      Or Click The ‘Get In Touch’ Button Below Right Now To Get In Touch With Me And Find Out How We Can Work Together.

      “It Seems Like Most Other Photographers Think That The Most Important Thing To Photograph Is the Decor And Details.

      I Think More Deeply Than That.

      I Think The Most Important Thing To Photograph Is The People.”

      Siobhan & Dan

      "Ian, thank you so so much, we absolutely LOVE them – there certainly was a lot of laughter and a lot of tears and you’ve captured it beautifully! I have found working today very difficult, as it’s much more fun to look at the pictures! We look forward to decorating our new house with your work!"


      Nicole & Paul

      “We’ve just looked through these for the fourth time in a row and they are absolutely superb – love them! Every time we look through them we see different details, but I guess that’s the point. Thanks so much for capturing our day so perfectly!”


      Anna & Dan

      “A huge thank you for photographing our wedding earlier this week. It was a perfect day made better by your natural unobtrusive style, we spent the day with our friends and family rather than posing for photographs, thank you!”


      Rebecca & Greg

      “We love looking through our photos! It really was the best day of our lives and we’re still ‘buzzing’. It’s great to have photographs that tell the story rather than posed ones. We wouldn’t have had any other style of wedding photography and we’ll always recommend you.”