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Leicestershire Wedding Photographer

Leicestershire Wedding Photographer

(or Wedding Photojournalist, or Reportage Photographer, or Documentary Wedding Photographer or whatever label is attached to uncontrived photography this week).

Are you looking for a photographer for your wedding?

A photographer whose style and approach ticks all of the boxes shown in the list below?

  • They’re totally professional.

It doesn’t cost anything to be courteous, thoughtful, and friendly – with family members, guests, priests or officiants, coordinators and other vendors.

  • Smart (mentally).

And because of the unique vision they possess, they’re always observing and anticipating. As a result, they are always ready for those funny, emotive or unexpected moments.

  • Smart (physically).

Smart, because they show up to a wedding in the dress code you’ve set for your guests so that they’ll blend in.

  • Unobtrusive

But not to the extent that they won’t make conversation or be a helpful part of the day when you’re getting ready.

  • Who delivers top customer service

You expect emails back within 24 hours and things to be done within reasonable timeframes and deadlines.

  • Someone who is honest, down-to-earth and trustworthy.

You want someone you can rely on to provide great stories consistently. The kind of results you see them deliver on their website and social media pages week after week.

  • That will happily take a small number of portraits.

Just 15 minutes worth of family group shots and 15 minutes for bride and groom portraits. As a result, the rest of the day is then free for them to record the real moments from your wedding as a true fly-on-the-wall observer does best.

  • Who has a good reputation in the industry?

With a few valuable awards thrown in like the WPJA’s ‘Top UK Wedding Photographer’ in 2009 or the East Midlands ‘Top Photographer’ in the Wedding Industry Awards of 2012, 2014 and 2015. As much as that’s nice, the awards they actually value are the responses they get from their couples when they see their images.

And just to be clear. You’re NOT looking for this type of wedding photographer.

  • The ‘old school professional’.

Because they stick a camera on a tripod, wave a tickling stick and yell ‘cheese’ at the top of their voice.

  • The ‘smooth operator.’

With his shiny suit and an ego to match the size of his telephoto lens. He’ll boss everyone around and get grumpy with your guests because they’re in his way.

  • The ‘vintage photographer’.

They deliver retro-looking images processed from software presets. Portrait images with heads cut-off and hundreds of pictures of bunting, flowers, jam-jars and all the other endless details on show at the typical wedding.

  • The photographer who ‘contrives and controls’ the whole day.

They take the newlyweds away from their guests for the entire drinks reception for dreamy and expertly posed portraits. In addition, the family group shots take a lifetime and make everybody’s faces hurt from all of the smiling. As a result of this, the newlyweds hardly get any time to talk to friends and family.

In conclusion, this is what you want from your wedding photographer.

First of all, you want images from your wedding that will stand the test of time and tell the real story of your wedding. Because they’ll make you, your children and your grandchildren cry or laugh when you look back at them.

The only style of photography that will evoke those kinds of emotion is a ‘pure’ photojournalistic approach. Because those real emotions and moments from real people are preserved in all of their gut-wrenching, tear-jerking glory.

I’m afraid that detail shots of inanimate objects won’t do that.

Furthermore, heavily posed or contrived pictures won’t do that.

Finally, those contrived reservoir dogs style moments won’t do that.

So, why are you waiting?

Get in touch NOW to find out if this smart, honest, trustworthy, unobtrusive, professional wedding photographer is free to preserve your biggest day.

He can’t wait to hear from you.

You can also find Ian listed on Save The Date & The Wedding Secret.

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