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Looking for a wedding photographer who can actually
‘capture’ the real story of your day instead of contriving it?

Photography without ego

So, why a wedding photojournalist?

Surely all wedding photographers are the same right? That’s not the case. There’s a buzzword doing the rounds. It’s called ‘documentary’ and most wedding photographers seem to have hijacked the phrase. I don’t particularly like to label my style, but if I have to, then my style is wedding photojournalism.

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. A truly special moment in time, and one that you’ll want to return to again and again over the course of your life.

In addition, you’ll want your children and grandchildren to be able to relive it with you in the years to come.

Therefore you deserve an award-winning wedding photographer who can document that priceless event for you.

Tangible memories of real people and raw emotions, not contrived or staged moments.

You’ve been to lots of friends weddings and it seems that most other photographers take charge and direct the day. They’ll take endless portraits that are highly-staged and contrived.

Needless to say, that’s not what you hire a true wedding photojournalist for.

That’s why my ethos & approach is to capture the raw and real moments of your wedding.

My “fly-on-the-wall” style that makes most people think I’m actually a guest of the bride and groom and not the wedding photographer.

You want a photographer to help you document this special moment in time. To preserve your story so that it can be cherished and treasured for generations by family and friends alike.

You want to be able to share the real story of your wedding — with the people, moments, and most of all, the feelings that came along with it. Not something that’s inaccurate, false, contrived, staged or merely posed.

You want a story of the day that enables you to revisit the entire experience. You want to feel every one of those precious moments come flooding back to you in a heartbeat.

Most of all, the butterflies, the expectations, the suspense, the tears, joy and laughter, and of course, the loved ones who were present then, but might not be around today.

So, you’re looking for a special way to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment (and a wedding photographer who does more than stage the day and want to be the centre of attention).

Maybe you’ve just stumbled upon the right fit for you?

"It seems like most other photographers think that the most important thing to photograph is the decor and details. But I think more deeply than that. I think the most important thing to photograph is the people, the moments and the emotions."

Ian Bursill


Highlights Showreel

If you like the sound of my unobtrusive approach to documenting weddings and would like to see more of my work, take a look at my 2019 highlights showreel.

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"Great documentary-style wedding photography is an art that is hugely in demand and British photographer Ian Bursill has just proved that he is one of the best in the world at delivering this service"

Terry Hope - photo Pro Magazine - July 2010

Is wedding photojournalism the right fit for you?

my approach & its benefits


I'm relaxed, as are all of my couples. They want to let their day unfold before them and have a photographer they can trust document their day without being bossed about by a photographer and his big ego.

The Benefits

You'll be able to fully immerse yourselves and enjoy your day with friends and family without the stress of having to be in front of the camera or taken away for an hour for a model shoot.


My style and approach is to work quickly and quietly in the background. I will mingle closely with guests and use them as cover to blend in while I'm watching scenes develop and stories unfold.

The Benefits

You'll get a true and honest narration of your wedding. There'll be no contrived moments, just real ones featuring real people and real emotions. Photographs that tell the real story of your wedding day.


I let the day flow naturally. I won't contrive moments or ask anyone to say cheese. I'm a people watcher, and I love authenticity. If an image is posed or faked, you'll remember that it wasn't a real moment.

The Benefits

No standing around for hours posing and feeling uncomfortable. I don't do model shoots. The only parts of the day where there is a tiny bit of direction are the group shots and the bride & groom portraits.


I've been shooting weddings for 14 years and have covered over 350 events. I'm a proven award-winning photographer regionally, nationally and internationally and I love giving great service.

The Benefits

You can rest in the knowledge that you've hired a tried and trusted professional and not someone inexperienced who may flap under pressure and not deliver. Your day happens once. Is it worth the risk?


The UK's Wedding Photojournalist of the Year and second runner-up internationally in 2009.
'Best Photographer' for the East Midlands Region in the 2012 Wedding industry Awards.
'Best Photographer' for the East Midlands Region in the 2014 Wedding industry Awards.
'Best Photographer' for the East Midlands Region in the 2015 Wedding industry Awards.

kind words from my couples

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