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Wedding Photographer Leicester

OK, so you’re looking for a Leicester wedding photographer and you know you need actual pictures of your wedding… as in having an actual photographer present and taking them. You know this because it’s tradition – and your mother keeps telling you, because she really wants to treasure the images forever. Yes, so, you know all that – but you just can’t stand having your photo taken, even if you’re going to be looking totally amazing. Can you escape the lens?

No, not really. But happily, there is a solution. It’s called Ian Bursill, and that’s me. I’m a wedding photographer based in Leicestershire and covering the whole country, but I’m not your average wedding photographer at all. Say goodbye to the clichés and prepare to be dazzled.

With me, there’ll be no standing around in stiff poses and all sorts of awkward and contrived compositions barked out by the photographer that eat into your time and enjoyment of the big day. I know what today’s couples want and it’s subtlety. I just love photographing weddings, and the key with me is that you’ll hardly know I’m even there; I blend in and am thoroughly unobtrusive.

I can confirm that it’s true that the devil is in the detail, because the detail is my absolute forte. I’m looking to capture emotion and surprising and fleeting moments that reveal someone’s real personality: a cheeky giggle here, a raised eyebrow there – who knows? Looking at my pics years from now, you’ll get a laugh and the memories will come flooding back, instead of gazing at bland and overly formal compositions that will leave you cold. Let’s never forget that a wedding is meant to be fun!

Award winning photography

Loughborough Wedding Photojournalist

My work is creative and edgy and has won me numerous awards (which, of course, I’m proud of but I’m not going to bore you with here – well, maybe just a couple: UK Photojournalist of the Year and Best Wedding Photographer for the East Midlands region three times) and I plan out my wedding shoots in a kind of documentary approach, so the entire day is caught on camera. The results will be entirely natural and emotive, and absolutely timeless.

I believe in communicating with my clients (talking – remember that?), from start to way after the finish, so they get exactly what they want. Being honest and trustworthy in everything I do, as well as providing awesome customer service, is the only way to go. You’re young, professional – and have a great eye for the best things in life. On your wedding day, don’t settle for anything less.

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wedding photographer leicestershire
wedding photographer leicestershire

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